About us

“Out of the strong came something sweet”

So what's a girl to do with so much potential, creativity and enthusiasm? Bake, of course!

Cynthia Akinsanya

Cynthia Akinsanya baked her first celebration cake, way back in 1977, when she was eight. She baked and decorated a red post-box cake for the Queen's birthday, during the Silver Jubilee. Cakes have been her consuming passion ever since.

At Delights by Cynthia we take pride in the fact that we bake to order, using the finest, fresh ingredients, which become mouth-watering, flavoursome cakes.

Our cakes are made with free-range eggs, fair-trade, organic chocolate and fruit wherever possible. It is a pleasure to provide our customers with superb quality and service, with a spirit of excellence.

Cynthia Akinsanya is a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild.

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Chemistry Cake
 (Special Orders)Las Vegas Cake
 (Celebration)Monogram Cupcakes